An outfit, an outfit, an outfit, * dance of joy * * shake of popotin *. It is true that what I really like to share my outfits and that if I could do it every day I would be more than happy! Good this outfit, I wore it when we could still afford to go out barefoot in the street, now I put it with a little perfecto because it’s not all but it ca-quail outside! I admit to having a passion for the pants suit, of course you have to break a little something, but even a suit blazer + pants I’m taking, with a nice pair of heels or a good pair of sneakers to shift! It is the best ! It would be time for me to invest in new colors of trousers, because definitely, comfort level is really not bad too! But this time I try to take it to my size (you too have noticed, haha!). Come on, I’ll leave you, see you later! 
// A new ootd post is finally online! It’s true to say that I really love it to be my daily outfits, if only it would be super cool! So, i was wearing this outfit a few days ago when it was possible to do it, because it’s so pretty, it’s starting to be really cold outside! I thought it was better when you thought it was better when you thought it was my opinion. I also really love wearing a blazer + suit pants with nice high heels, but i think with a cool pair of sneakers it looks nicer and more modern! I think it’s time for me to find some newcomers and they’re in my wardrobe, they’re really a must to have! Oh and the next time i ‘ I’ll try to find them in the right size (you’ve seen it too, haha!). I gotta go now, peace out! 

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